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Out of the Gait

No no my dyslexia isn’t kicking in! You read that right! It’s time to talk all things GAIT.

To be honest until I started training for the marathon this word was totally alien to me. So I wanted to explain a bit about it. You don’t have to be running a Marathon for this to be relevant, if you are considering taking up running even a few times a week I would strongly recommend doing one.

What is Gait?
Gait refers to: a persons manner of walking (jogging, running)

What is a Gait Analysis?
This is a systematic study of human motion. Using a treadmill in this case and camera that show you running in still images and ultra slow motion.

Why did I have one?
This analysis provides runners with essential information about their running style. The major focus is on the degree of pronation. (Pronation: the natural inward roll of the foot as the heel strikes the ground.)

What did I discover? Based on muscle mass and running style my right leg is my dominant leg. This was reflected on my gait analysis, as the right ran straight, the left was all over the place! Rolling inwards and not landing straight. Which over a long period of running a training could cause me major issue (as I soon found out!)

This took in total about 15 seconds of running, and then a few minutes watching it back with the Specialist. I do not believe my hip injury is 100% down to the poor shoes I was wearing, but I do believe they are at least 50% responsible.

What was the outcome?
I was advised to look at shoes that will help counter act the overpronation (rolling in) of my left foot! I ended up with: NEW BALANCE 860 v10s

caveat – pink is so not my colour, but practicality is! So I was happy to take whatever trainer in whatever colour if it helps give me the support I need.

Do I wish I had done it sooner? YES! It is free, lasts about 15 seconds on the treadmill, and you get well rounded advice. I strongly believe my cheap £30 trainers are a major reason why I injured my hip three weeks ago, and I wondered if this could have been avoided?

Hints/tricks: I went to Runners Need, but google your local gait analysis place – all running shops will offer them. Running shoes aren’t cheap! But if you have an amazing friend (like I did!) who is with Vitality- they get 1 x pair of trainers per their insurance year for 50% off (subject to the policy taken out.) So if they have a good pair of trainers already ask! Maybe they will be as kind as my friend Laura was! Are Gait analysis just for marathons? NO- anyone running a couple of time’s a week or more I strongly advise getting one done. You don’t need to be running 12 miles a day for it to impact your health in a negative way. The wrong, or no support over a long period of time could massively hinder you! Don’t delay!

I hope this is useful, if you have any Trainer tips or tricks please feel free to leave them below to help both myself and other runners!

If you are enjoying my blog posts & wish to support 3 amazing animal charites please do donate to my Marathon Fundraising page: Here Every single penny counts, it really does.

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Natalie x

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