In 2018 a friend suggested something mad, something so unrealistic, so ridiculous that I said yes, because I knew it would never happen.

It’s not possible, it’s not something I could complete or achieve.

There was nothing more to it.

To google, the website, fill in your information

Always on auto pilot,


Think nothing about that form I filled in back in June.

October comes around, back from an amazing holiday, lots of post at our front door as you would expect.

I pick up the letter, that’s a pretty heavy commiserations letter.

Must be a lot of sympathy in there, for those that really really wanted it.

Open the red envelope, scan over and see in big letters:



And that my friends is how I ended up with a place in the London Marathon.


If I have your attention now I would like to tell you a bit more about this mad, insane, amazing event I am going to undertake in 2020.

Now I know what your thinking, this is awkward, shes made that weird poem with no rhyme she’s definitely lost it, and she still does not know how to format documents properly!  And on top of that put 2018…she didn’t even reread shes made a typo.

NOPE that’s right I was officially offered a London Marathon place for the 2019 Marathon. But thought OH HELL NO, NO WAY am I going to be ready to run a marathon in 7 months. So, I deferred my place until the 2020 Marathon.

Now I have a year and 7 months to train, way more than most people have, what a fail proof plan. Sure there has been some training, and some drinking, smoking, tripping over bath matts and giving myself unnecessary injuries but otherwise I have generally just been having a good time.

Its November 1st,  6 months until the London Marathon. Oh dear, how have I ended up with less time than I started….?

For those that know me I am very stressed person, but I perform at my best in high stress situations, so lets hope that rings true for the Marathon.

Over the next 6 months I hope to do more of three things; write, learn and run.

I hope to write and share my journey. I am sure my blogs and posts will evolve as my training does but the next few blogs are givens:

  •  Why & Who I am running for
  • Spotlight posts on the charities I am running for
  • What’s challenging me (other than the running bit)
  • How important mindset is
  • Fundraising updates

Some of my next blog posts may seem like a stream of conscious straight from my mind to the  keyboard but if you want to get it into the mind of a person that’s never run a fun run and is taking on a marathon here she is!

My fundraising page is already up and running you can find this here:

Nat On A Map || CLICK HERE || Just Giving Page

I am trying hard to believe in me, because why I am doing this now, is so worth believing in. Please do check out my Just Giving page to get an overview of the charities, and why I am doing this. More info to follow.

If you wish to follow my journey please follow me on Facebook or Instagram: @NatOnAMap a previously slow travel blog/social media site, will make the perfect home for this journey, which you are invited to be a part of, every step of the way.

Maps are often used for journeys and I intend to write my own.

Nat On A Map x


Nat on A Map Finally has a purpose, lets see where this journey takes us!


Montego Bay Animal Haven

Island Sanctuary Santa Fe

Humane Society Exuma

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