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Whilst I do not want this blog to be centred around me me me, it is centred around my experiences. This first post is to give you all a little background on who I am, and why I am writing this, what I do and why I have been as lucky as I have to have seen the beautiful places I have seen.

The basics, I am currently 23, I am 100% a summer lover and am probably still in denial that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder! Even though my boyfriend is beautiful and amazing (and puts up with all my rubbish!) the main man who has always been there is my dad. I am not a health freak, nor do I look like Angelina Jolie, so no you will not be seeing a #hotdogsorlegs with a fresh piece of watermelon on my thighs. I am definitely over weight, a little red skinned, and yes, I love food!

I work in IT Sales (let me know if you need any IT!) so leaving the office for a holiday is like taking your kid to day care for the first time. However, in sales having a goal is very important. The goal that motivates me is adventure, it’s travel, it’s exploring. This doesn’t always mean hot and exotic counties, it means going to Manchester, Brussells and beyond! I personally define exploring as going somewhere new and seeking out those hidden treasures we all long to look at in real life, that we see on Instagram.

If you should choose to follow my blog, Instagram or Facebook page you will see there is one country I adore, friends of mine may say I am obsessed.

The Bahamas, a place I have been honoured to visit several times over the past eighteen years. This will be the first chapter of my journal. Through these posts you will get to see the islands, how I saw them, photos, experiences and people I have met. People who know me will tell you I am extremely outspoken, I never want people to take offence and you must remember these entries are all based on my experiences.

I am firm believer in there is no such thing as normal so what I will say is: I would like to think I am down to earth, outspoken and maybe a little too bossy. But that’s me! Hopefully you will like my attitude towards the places I visit, and hopefully this blog, Instagram and Facebook will help you plan your own journey too.

I hope young will join me soon in Chapter 1: Welcome to Paradise

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