Travel & Fun

Crete, October 2022

2022, was supposed to be our year of adventure, however a series of unfortunate events meant this didn’t quite go to plan. We were due to head to Thailand for an amazing adventure, but had to postpone this. We did however manage to get a few days away in Crete which was lovely. And this got us thinking about 2023.

2023’s plans to date: Venice, Lake Garda, Thailand & Somerset. We are keen to add some more adventure spots to this list, including our doggies, but also we have to be conscious of finances, as we are getting married in 2024! So Travel might be a little limited in 23′ as we look to save for our future. What this means instead is we are working hard to expand our ‘fun’ (and free!) list for 2023, which I hope will help us appreciate the little things even more. So here is to to travelling where we can, and fun all the time!