I intend to use this section to share the highs & lows of relationships, friendships, family and anyone that sits in between! I will not use people’s real names without their consent, but intend to share the honest and sometimes hard truth of juggling friends, family and their (and your own) expectations of you.

My main man, I think it only fitting to introduce the wonderful man who continually supports me, inspires me and uplifts me, Adam. Adam and I met in August 2014, and started dating in November 2014. Almost 8 years later we are engaged (as of June 2021) and we are building our lives together, step by step. Words can often be easy to write, but I truly mean every word when I say I am so truly grateful the universe led me to Adam (there’s no escaping me now Ad!)

Adam proposed on Lake Windermere, The Lake District 19.06.21, as you can see from my terrible outfit choice I was not expecting it!