Health & Fitness

For 2023, this is probably the most sensitive of all of my pages. Health & fitness have changed for me in terms of their definition. Had you asked me a year ago I would have said that health is what I eat and fitness is my physical fitness. Now after a year of physical and mental challenges, these words have so much more depth to me. Health & Fitness, for me, are intrinsically linked and one cannot succeed without the other. I am 30 year, I am not going to start 2023 by going on a diet, or by throwing out all the beautiful food we have enjoyed. Today all I am going to ask of myself is to be aware, conscious and in tune with what I am fuelling my body with, and how often I am moving my body with. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor are bodies.

I had big dreams of running the London Marathon in 2019, and for the past 3 years that dream has got further and further out of my reach. Injury after injury, which in turn has crippled my mental resiliency. This year, I take back my power, no matter how great or small. But I choose to win this year. That means, not setting myself goals to run a marathon in 12 months, or to be cycling an hour a day. What it means is to move my body and enjoy doing it, clear my mind to find peace and to be able to hear more clearly.