Doggos 🐾

Otis & Stella, are our rescue dogs, our children, and complete our little family.

We rescued Otis from Turkey in December 2020, he is a German Short Haired Pointer X (we call him pint size as he is a perfectly formed little pointer.) Whilst Otis enjoyed being an only child we felt we had the time and physical space to add an another dog to our family, and did not want to leave it too long between rescuing Otis. In December 2021, along came Stella.

Rescuing these two little darlings has been the most rewarding thing I have ever personally done. However I am keen to not paint a picture of perfection. Otis & Stella, like you and I have their own personalities, niggles, things they do and don’t like, and with that often comes some challenges. It is my hope on sharing our journey, our ups and our downs we can provide guidance on those looking to adopt, and also learn from others in similar situations.

I am sure this will be my most utilised page whilst you search for cute pics here is one which epitomises these two getting in to trouble, always!