About Me

Nat, 28 – Owner of NatOnAMap

Amateur Blogger, Beginning Again

Over the past 10 years, I have set up, worked on and then starved my blog. It has been a site for travel, a site for marathon training, and now a site for my life. I think I was trying to fit into a specific category, and the older I get the more I realise, I am a person! I am not supposed to fit in a category, or I would not be unique, I hope me finding me, helps you find your you!

Who am I & why my own website?
  • IT Sales Professional 8+ years
  • Drama & Creative Writing Degree (looking to put it to good use)
  • My dogs, and rescuing dogs will always be my passion
  • Fiancée, soon to be bride (if I hurry up)
  • My categories on this site are modelled off of the wheel of life
  • Website purpose; to share honest moments of my life, and remind the world the internet is designed to, inspire people, to relate to people and to learn